a name is a label transforms existing garments and fabrics into distinctive, sculptural, handmade pieces – each with an original character. This reconstructive approach produces unexpected associations, juxtaposing different fabric types and genres, textures, colours, patterns and shapes through the experimental technique of textile collage. " ”a name is a label” have created a fresh new approach to recycling clothing” (Alex Schleibs, stylemelbourne, 2009). The pieces can be styled in various ways, fitting a range of different body shapes, and creating a number of different looks. They can be worn as every day wear or occasional, suiting personality or state of mind. No two pieces are alike: a challenge to conformity. The work is trans-seasonal, defying set trends. Second-hand materials are sourced from everywhere: second-hand stores, vintage shops, fabric outlets and markets. In a world where fashion is increasingly disposable and generic, ‘a name is a label’ advocates a discerning attitude to your clothes: true environmental sustainability without compromising on design and style.